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What is Operation Amplify?

Do Something Great | Operation Amplify

The idea for Operation Amplify was born in the summer of 2019. I was participating in the Dog Tag Bakery Fellowship in Georgetown, and tasked with researching, developing and writing a business plan. From the jump, I was not interested in creating a traditional business. And I was continually challenged to create something that would ignite a “fire in my belly.”

After months of Georgetown School of Continuing Studies courses in Business Administration, brainstorming and workshopping, and conversations with mentors, I developed Operation Amplify. The Fellowship culminated when I presented my plan and vision for Operation Amplify. The result is a website/blog/shop hybrid that is essentially my values translated into a .org web address.

All that background is to say I have put a lot of thought into what I want to create here.

Operation Amplify exists because we recognize the need for a resource devoted to informing, empowering and inspiring military spouses to be voters and activists.

Operation Amplify Vision
What is Operation Amplify | Operation Amplify logo mug

I had every intention of launching Operation Amplify in January of 2020, but something wonderful happened. I got a job! A fulfilling job with a paycheck to help standup a program called Secure Families Initiative.

The job is a great fit because the Secure Families Initiative mission aligns so well with Operation Amplify. It is extremely gratifying to have a “day job” that I believe in after struggling to find my place for a decade and a half.

Of course, having a real job means Operation Amplify has taken a back seat. It’s only in the last couple weeks that I have had bandwidth to focus energy here.

I believe in Operation Amplify – it is worthy of my attention. I work on this project in the evenings and on the weekends. I can honestly say, despite the fact that it is quite similar to my “day job,” I am excited and motivated to create here, too.

The original plan was for Operation Amplify to include voter registration information, layperson issue analysis, easy action items to make your voice heard and a coordinated shop. And, obviously, I’m not quite there on the issue and advocacy side. While Operation Amplify may not reach its full potential soon, or ever really, there is content I am proud and ready to share.

The bottom line is this season is too important to sit out. From the Coronavirus pandemic to nationwide Black Lives Matter protests to the most important election of my lifetime, I can’t remain on the sidelines.

Operation Amplify is launching now.

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