Tell Your Senators: Convict + Disqualify Trump

How to tell Senators to impeach convict disqualify Donald Trump

This weekend, the Senate will vote on the Article of Impeachment of former President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection. The evidence is overwhelming and, therefore, he must be held responsible. Contact your Senators today and tell them to convict and disqualify Trump.

Why It Matters

As House Impeachment Manager Diana DeGette said, “Impeachment is not to punish, but to prevent. We are not here to punish Donald Trump. We are here to prevent the seeds of hate that he planted from bearing any more fruit.”

Convict: Impeachment requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate. The 50 Democratic Senators will likely vote to convict, which means 17 Republican Senators must also vote to convict for Trump to be found guilty.

Disqualify: Conviction prevents Trump from running for federal public office in the future.

“January 6 was culmination of the president’s actions… The insurrection was the most violent and dangerous episode so far in Donald Trump’s continuing pattern and practice of inciting violence. But I emphasize—so far, ” said Lead Manager Jamie Raskin.

How to Tell Your Senators: Convict + Disqualify

  • Call your Senators via the Congressional Switchboard 212-224-3121. (For step-by-step tips read How to Call Congress.) Here’s a short script to start:
    “I am a constituent calling to urge you to vote to convict and disqualify Trump. The evidence overwhelming proves that he incited an insurrection. We must make sure this never happens again. Prevent him, or any other elected official, from using elected office to inspire a deadly insurrection. Fulfill your oath and vote to convict.”
  • Send your Senators a letter via Moms Demand Action telling them to vote to convict Trump.
  • Use Resistbot to tell your Senators to convict and disqualify. Text CONVICT to 50409.
  • Send a tweet. Find your Senator’s Twitter handle below. Here’s a sample tweet to start:
    Senator, fulfill your oath and vote to convict Trump. The evidence is overwhelming. This is your chance to make sure this never happens again. History and voters are watching. #ConvictandDisqualify

Senator Twitter Handles

Here’s an up to date list of all the Senators and their Twitter handles.

To tweet directly at your Senator, first click the @handle and it will open their Twitter page in a new window. Then, click the blue “tweet” button and it will open a new tweet window with their handle in the draft.

How to tell your Senators convict and disqualify Trump

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