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Operation Amplify Spring 2021 Tees

Naptivist Tee Shirt

If the overarching theme of last fall’s Operation Amplify tees was the election, it’s safe to say the theme of this spring’s collection is about motivating continued activism. From a favorite recurring manta (“We can do hard things”) to a phrase I literally have tattooed on my wrist (“keep going”), the Operation Amplify spring 2021 shirts are all about inspiring us to keep fighting the good fight.

About Operation Amplify spring 2021 collection

The spring 2021 collection includes six new tee designs. Most of them use a script font and are more delicate than many past tee shirts. They don’t scream “VOTE” and have more subtle (but no less important) messages. The quote “Not fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb” comes to mind. The delicate font belies the power the message – and of our activism.

A few tees are even available on a brand new (to Operation Amplify) tee shirt color: heather orchid. It’s a really pretty, springlike mauve-y, pink.

Behind the seams: 2021 spring tees

In 2019 I attended my first Moms Demand Action national training bootcamp. “Keep Going” was the Moms’ 2019 slogan and it was so meaningful that a group of Moms got a tattoo that weekend. I returned to the same tattoo shop a few weeks later with a dear friend to get my own. What may have started as a rallying cry for Moms has grown into something much bigger. It’s the reminder to keep fighting, keep parenting, keep working, keep putting one foot in front of the other to make a difference. I picked this delicate script font because it matches my tattoo, but don’t let the small dainty letters fool you. This is a BIG message.

Keep Going Tee Shirt

I completely admit that sometimes Operation Amplify feels like a Glennon Doyle hype account, but damn if she doesn’t consistently write and say things that resonate. “We can do hard things” is one of Glennon’s most popular rally cries. It’s so widespread, in fact, that last November after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the election, his campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon tweeted, “We can do hard things – and you just did!” (If you haven’t read this conversation between Jen and Glennon, do it!) This We Can Do Hard Things Tee Shirt has a little GD to recognize its origin.

We Can Do Hard Things Tee Shirt

7 Inspiring Glennon Doyle quotes that will be your new motto

I really like all of these new designs but the Naptivist Tee Shirt may be my favorite. What is a naptivist? A person who participates in various forms of activism during nap time and other pockets of time throughout the busy day. We make time to fight for what’s right. Nap time activism, FTW.

Naptivist Tee Shirt

But, hey, it’s open for interpretation. If you are a naptivist who advocates for naps this tee is also for you.

Shop the new Operation Amplify Spring 2021 tees

What do you think? Which new tee is your favorite?

Operation Amplify spring 2021 tees

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