A few kick ass Kamala Harris quotes

Kamala Harris quotes

After making the mistake of trying to have an open mind to see what the Republican National Convention was all about, I am in drastic need of a palette cleanser to uplift my heart and my head. So I’m going to celebrate the spirit of last week’s Democratic National Convention and look for the light. Today the light just happens to be some kick ass Kamala Harris quotes.

Before we get to the star attraction, the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, let’s relive some of the most tear-inducing moments from Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s Convention speech.

Joe Biden convention quote

These are the words he ended with, and, damn, if you’re not fired up and ready to get him into the White House right now….

Kick Ass Kamala Harris Quotes

Let’s start with this quote about unity and diversity that inspired me to put this post together. She tweeted the words in 2016 and said, “We reject the myth of ‘us’ vs. ‘them.’ We are in this together.” It’s never felt more true!

Kamala Harris quotes

Opportunity is unlimited. It’s not a pie.

Kamala Harris quotes

This next quote is also from Twitter, leading up to the 2018 midterm election. Kamala said, “Health care is worth fighting for. Immigrants are worth fighting for. Our environment is worth fighting for. Let’s fight for all these and more at the ballot box.” Yes, let’s goooo!

Kamala Harris quotes

And it wouldn’t be a collection of kick ass quotes from the first woman of color nominee for Vice President without a quote about being an unapologetic leader.

Kamala Harris quotes

Kamala Harris Swag

Now that you’re all fired up, it’s a great time to grab a little Kamala swag. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Biden/Harris campaign fund.

Kamala Harris quotes

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