Kamala Harris Glass Ceiling Breaker Exhibit

Vice President Kamala Harris Glass Ceiling Breaker Exhibit

For a few days in February 2021, a Kamala Harris portrait made of broken glass was at home on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Glass Ceiling Breaker Exhibit honoring Vice President Kamala Harris is as unique and awe-inspiring as the woman herself.

Glass Ceiling Breaker Exhibit on the National Mall

On Saturday, February 6 my 12 year old daughter and I went to see the portrait on its final day on display on the National Mall. The portrait was at the base of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and in front of reflecting pool. From the right angle, the Washington Memorial was visible behind the six and a half foot tall piece of art.

I am a complete sap, so I was not surprised to be a bit overcome with emotion as we walked up to get a close look at the portrait of Vice President Harris. It was remarkable!

It wasn’t until I was home that evening that I realized we were in the heart of DC tourist attractions exactly one month after the deadly insurrection at the Capitol. The two days feel like exact opposites – January 6 was dark and filled with dread, while February 6 was hopeful.

More than anything last weekend on the Mall felt “normal.” There were no visible troops, nothing blocked off, our view was clear and free from blockades.

OA Shop Kamala Harris Favorites

In case it’s not already clear, I am thrilled to celebrate the first woman Vice President. Here are a few of my favorites Kamala Harris goodies from the OA Shop.

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