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10 Things you can do right now to impact the election

10 Things you can do from home to imapct the election

Election Day will be here before we know it. And voting by mail and early in person voting begins this month in some states! In other words, we have no time to waste. Here are ten things you can do right now to impact the election.

Trust me, I know the election can feel overwhelming. The idea here is we all commit to doing small things every week that will add up to a big impact on the outcome of the election.

10 things to do right now to impact the 2020 election

Because of the Coronavirus, campaign volunteer work looks quite different than in years past. The plus side is there are more opportunities for introverts and those reluctant to canvass in person to do important outreach work – right from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Be a campaign volunteer from home

  1. Make an action plan to vote. Let’s start with the most important thing you can do right now. Whether voting at home or in person, this will help you think through considerations and make a solid plan. Studies show that you are more likely to follow through on voting if you have a plan in place before Election Day.
  2. Commit to help 10 friends register and make a plan to vote. Sure, now you’re registered and have a plan. But why stop there? Multiply your vote by ensuring your friends and family are also prepared with a plan to vote by Election Day.
  3. Join a Biden for Women bimonthly call. Every other Thursday the Biden/Harris campaign gathers women who speak to important campaign issues as well as highlight volunteer opportunities. It’s always incredibly motivating and I promise it’s an awesome way to spend an hour of your time.
  4. Textbank for Biden / Harris. After a quick training, text banking is as simple as 1-2-3. The programs are computer-based, simple to use, and don’t require you to use your own phone. In just an hour or two, you can connect with hundreds of voters in locations around the country.
  5. Write cards for candidates. Pick one (or two) of the amazing women candidates for Congress who are part of this campaign organized by Secure Families Initiative. The campaign provide voter addresses, you provide post cards and your time completing them.
  6. Send letters to super state voters. Post cards not your jam? How about good old-fashioned letters instead. Vote Forward and Swing Left are working together to increase civic participation by sending hand-written letters to voters. 
  7. Donate! This may not be the most glamorous way to participate, but it sure is important. And, frankly, this is one of the easiest ways to see how small amounts can add up to big impact. For example, in August the Biden/Harris campaign raised over $360 million dollars. Over $205 million of that came from small dollar donors! (Including yours truly.) Here are some campaigns and funds that I recommend: Biden/Harris, Get Mitch or Die Trying, Every Last Vote and Fair Fight 2020.
  8. Adopt a State with Vote Save America. The presidential election will likely come down to handful of swing states. Join a state “team” and you’ll receive training and action items to turn out voters in your chosen battleground state.
  9. Be a poll worker. Okay, I admit this isn’t something you can exactly do at this moment from home. But you can sign up and commit to working the polls now. If you’re healthy and in a position to work Election Day, you can literally help keep a polling location open with your presence. This year, that is more important than ever.
  10. Be an Election Protection volunteer. If you’re not eligible to be a poll worker (for example, because you don’t live where you vote), consider signing up with Election Protection, a nonpartisan poll monitoring program. From monitoring polling locations in person to scanning social media for disinformation, there are several ways you can help ensure folks cast their ballots.
Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.
2020 campaign things you can do from home right now.

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