Empowering gifts for kids + tweens

Empowering gifts for kids and tweens Operation Amplify

The holidays will look a little different for many of us this year, but as always my holiday shopping list feels like an unconquerable task. I’m excited to share a couple gift guides to get your holiday shopping started. Or if you’re an overachiever: finish up your shopping. First up? Empowering gifts for kids and tweens.

Fun fact: for several years after my second baby was born I made a living blogging online. It was so long ago that the term influencer didn’t exist, but I navigated the wild west of the internet to the tune of writing 20 plus blog posts a week about baby and kid products. Putting together these gift guides is really going back to my online roots and I love it!

Holiday Gift Ideas: Kids + Tweens

These kids and tweens gift ideas include a variety of price points and target age groups. But, they are unified in the goal of empowering our littles to appreciate diversity, try something new and be kind.

  1. Little Feminist Book Club. The Little Feminist team curates diverse books, analyzes the stories for appropriate themes and creates discussion questions and activities. Your little reader gets a new book every month.
  2. All Are Welcome Here Puzzle | Galison. Put on your PJs, grab some hot chocolate and gather the family around to tackle this 1000 piece puzzle. It’s colorful, celebrates diversity and spreads kind messages.
  3. Take a Risk Bracelet| Little Words Project. The future is bight and this sweet little mantra bracelet may be just the push your kiddo needs to take a deep breath and make a leap.
  4. Be Kind Pom Pom Beanie | Operation Amplify. One size fits all when it comes to size and message on this simple embroidered beanie.
  5. Little Monsters Craft Kit | Craft Lab. Making little monsters is the perfect reason to learn sewing basics.
  6. You Are Magic Pennant | Rayo + Honey. Inspired by a poem written for Frida Kahlo, this handmade addition is perfect for a bedroom, classroom and every room in between.
  7. Mix + Match Family Stickers | My Family Builders. Mix + match wall stickers are removable and reusable, made to build all kinds of friends and families on walls, windows, water bottles or any place you can imagine.

Operation Amplify 2020 Holiday

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