DIY Inauguration Advent Calendars


We are finally a matter of days until the Biden-Harris inauguration and end of the Trump presidency. Much like my kids count up to Christmas, I intend to count up to 46! Download one of the Inauguration Advent Calendars below and join me.

DIY Inauguration Advent Calendar

Let’s count up to the day Joe Biden officially becomes 46. Here’s how the DIY calendar works:

  1. Download and print the document two-sided.
  2. Cut out the 20 shapes that correspond to January 1 through Inauguration Day, January 20.
  3. Make a “calendar”. Hang the days from your Christmas tree, create a hanging countdown banner, tape them to a mirror. Get creative!
  4. Flip or reveal a shape per day from January 1st to January 20th. The back side of each shape has a quote or motto.
  5. Celebrate on Inauguration Day!

Inauguration Count-Up Shapes

This version of the DIY Inauguration Advent Calendar has a variety of shapes and patterns.

Click here to download the Inauguration Advent Calendar.

It’s perfect to hang on your tree if you’re over Christmas ornaments but not quite ready to take it down yet.

The front of each shape as a number and the back a fun quote or saying.

Inauguration Count-Up Squares

After making the overly complicated shapes situation above, I realized it would also be cool to make simple squares. So, here’s that DIY Inauguration Advent Calendar option, too.

Click to download the DIY Inauguration Advent Calendar Squares.

This version is going to rest on this little mirror in our dining room, but I think it would be perfect on a little desktop easel. Like the shapes version, this one has the day of the month on the front and a quote or motto on the back.

Let me know if you make a calendar. If you share on social media, please tag @OperationAmplify so I can share.

Biden-Harris Gear for the Inauguration

Here is some of my favorite Operation Amplify Biden-Harris gear perfect for Inauguration Day and beyond. Check out the entire Team 46 collection here. Use code TEAM46 for 15 percent off your purchase!

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