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Tips for how to contact your member of Congress
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How to Contact Your Senators and Representative

“Call your Senator,” they said. “Email your Congressperson,” they said. “Tweet at your member of Congress,” they said. Not sure where to start or when

How to tell Senators to impeach convict disqualify Donald Trump
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Tell Your Senators: Convict + Disqualify Trump

This weekend, the Senate will vote on the Article of Impeachment of former President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection. The evidence is overwhelming and,

Remove Donald Trump from Office January 2021 Operation Amplify
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Demand accountability: Impeach him again

“There is no healing without accountability.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez We must demand accountability and tell our members of Congress: impeach Trump again. He is a

how to spread kindness while socially distant
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How to spread kindness while socially distant

During a typical holiday season, it’s important to give back and spread kindness, particularly to those in need. But this is not a typical year.

How to honor RBG OA Blog Post
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How to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The news of Ruth Bader Ginburg’s passing hit us all like a ton of bricks. The rush of overwhelming sadness was quickly eclipsed by fear.