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Supreme Court Rulings on Abortion and Reproductive Rights summer 2020

Supreme Court rulings on reproductive rights

The Supreme Court recently delivered a mixed bag of key abortion and reproductive health rulings. Here’s an update on what these decisions mean for abortion


How to call Congress

“Call your Congresswoman! Call your Congressman!” If you’re new to activism this sounds way more overwhelming and intimidating than it actually is. I’m going to

Do Something Great | Operation Amplify
Military Spouse Voter

What is Operation Amplify?

The idea for Operation Amplify was born in the summer of 2019. I was participating in the Dog Tag Bakery Fellowship in Georgetown, and tasked

Anti-Racism Resources for White Women
Take Action

We must do the work to be anti-racist

White feminists, this post is for us. We have been benefitting from the activism work of women of color for far too long without doing

Operation Amplify 5 Core Issues

Operation Amplify: 5 Core Issues

Core [ kawr, kohr ]. Noun: the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. Adjective: of central importance; basic; fundamental. We work to inform,