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It’s time to be ruthless

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It’s nearly impossible to believe it’s been almost two weeks since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Shortly after going to pay my respects at the Supreme Court, I write a post with a list of things we can do to honor RBG’s legacy. But, I have been thinking about how I can do more because her death has truly changed everything.

These photos from the Supreme Court still choke me up. Scroll through them and then keep reading to understand what I mean when I say we must be ruthless and and how Operation Amplify is changing to reflect it.

RBG Memorial When there are nine
RBG Memorial at Supreme Court
May her memory be a revolution RBG memorial at the Supreme Court
RBG Thank you is never enough Vote

RBG’s death changed everything

In addition to spending the fall of 2020 fighting to win elections, we must now also fight to save the Supreme Court. There is little doubt that a new Trump Justice will fundamentally re-shape the Court. A 6-3 conservative majority will reject the Affordable Care Act, overturn Roe v. Wade, turn back equal rights. We are in the nightmare scenario.

Now that we are Ruth-less, I think it’s time to be ruthless in defense of her legacy. Granted, the definition of ruthless is literally counter to everything many of us believe and are fighting for. Indeed, my political beliefs are rooted in compassion for others. In this season, being ruthless means we must be relentless, unyielding, fierce and unstoppable in our efforts. We simply don’t have time for anything less.

New: Donation with every purchase

As I mentioned above, I know I need to do more. I am implementing a new donation policy. Operation Amplify will now donate a portion of every single order to a cause or campaign that advances our mission. For example, when you buy the Thank you, Ruth or Be Ruthless Tee 20% of the proceeds go to the ACLU. When you order one of the Kamala products, a portion of the proceeds go to the Biden/Harris campaign. I will continue to update the product descriptions on each item to indicate where the donations are directed.)

One of the main theories of Operation Amplify is when we all do little acts, it adds up to big impact. The donation structure follows the same idea. The donation amount for each individual product may not be much alone, but when added together, we can have a big impact. (Logistically, I’ll total up funds and make donations every week until the election and/or Supreme Court confirmation.)

I need to be honest: the profit margin on the original Tee Shirt price wasn’t enough to support the give back element. I have decided to raise the price of Operation Amplify Tee Shirts. Tee Shirts are now $25 – up from $23.

If you’re supporting the Operation Amplify mission, it’s more than just a Tee Shirt and I truly believe it’s worth the extra two bucks knowing you are also giving directly to a cause or campaign you believe in. I hope you agree.

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