April iPhone Wallpapers

April iPhone Wallpapers

I cannot believe it is already April. This year is simultaneously the longest ever and flying by with a quickness. Despite being totally unprepared for the new month on the calendar, April iPhone wallpapers for 2021 are ready for you to download. And that’s no joke. (See what I did there!)

I always share these on the Operation Amplify Instagram, but I prefer using the original images from this post to create my phone wallpapers. Using these versions gives you a little more room to adjust and center the image the way you want on your screen.

April Calendar Wallpaper

As always, the first option is an April 2021 calendar wallpaper.

oClick on the image or the link here to download the April 2021 phone calendar

April Phone Wallpapers

The April iPhone wallpapers continue a simple pretty flowering tree and some inspiring quotes.

Click here or the image to download the cherry blossom smart phone wallpaper
Click the image or on the link here to download There is a past version of you that is so proud of how far you’ve come
Click the image or here to download the change doesn’t come from comfort phone background
Click the image or the link to download the GRL PWR phone wallpaper

April Favorite

This month’s Operation Amplify Shop favorite is an oldie but goodie. The Here’s to Strong Women Mug has the common “may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them” with a little something extra: may we elect them.

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