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6 Quick actions to support the USPS

6 Quick Things You Can Do to Save the USPS

The Post Office is in trouble. And the timing could not be worse. With Coronovirus still threatening much of the country, vote by mail ballots are expected to overburden a USPS in dire need of more funding.

The threat to our election and the USPS is no longer theoretical. In July, postal service officials sent a letter to 46 states warning that election mail may not arrive in time to be counted in the election.

Trump said this week that he opposes funding the USPS because it will facilitate mail-in voting. “Now they need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots,” he said. To be clear, he’s referring to $25 billion requested by the Board of Governors of the US Postal Service and included in the HEROES Act passed by the House of Representatives in May.

The most consequential election of our lifetime just around the corner, and is expected to rely heavily on the USPS, it is incredibly disturbing that the administration is taking steps to dismantle the service. From destroying sorting machines to limiting work hours to removing mailboxes, it’s completely normal to be frustrated. I am, too.

But we must put our anxiety, anger and frustration into action. Here are 6 quick things you can do right now to support the USPS.

1. Order Stamps

The main issue facing the USPS right now is a lack of funding. Buying stamps is a quick way to inject some much needed cash to the postal system.

Here are a few of my favorite Forever stamps.

Support the USPS | buy stamps today

19th Amendment Women Vote | Sally Ride | Hip Hop
Voices of Harlem Resistance | Made of Hearts | Gwen Ifill

2. Call Congress

Even if your representatives are good on this issue, it’s still important to make your voice heard. Congressional offices keep track of constituent phone calls. Here are step by step instructions to call your member of Congress.

Support the USPS Call Script to your Congressperson

I am calling to thank the House for passing a bill to fund the USPS. I remain very concerned about policy changes that are impacting the delivery of mail, particularly given the upcoming election. {Share a personal story of how delayed mail impacts you.} The Postal Service is a vital service for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, and must be fully funded and supported!

Support the USPS Call Script to Senators

I am calling to demand a vote in the Senate on the HEROES Act.. In addition to providing much needed COVID support to Americans who are suffering across this nation, it also includes funding requested by the USPS. I am very concerned about policy changes that are impacting the delivery of mail, particularly given the upcoming election.

I am grateful the House recently voted to fund the USPS and think the Senate should, too. The Postal Service is a vital service for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, and must be fully funded and supported!

3. Text USPS to 50409

Resistbot is a fantastic tool for quick action. When you text USPS to 50409, they will ask you a few quick questions and then send a letter to your local representatives urging them to protect the post office.

4. Make a Plan to Vote

Election Day is November 3, but voting actually starts much earlier due to vote by mail and early mail options

TIME OUT! Before you do anything else or read any further, check your voter registration status right now. You don’t want to make a plan and find out too late that you aren’t actually registered or were purged from the voter files.

Okay, back to making your plan. There are a few main options: vote by mail, vote early in person or vote in person on Election Day.

If you plan to vote by mail, request your absentee ballot now and return it as soon as possible. This will allow more time and hopefully spread out the demand on the postal system.

Another great absentee option is to hand deliver your ballot to your election official or at an official ballot drop box. This allows you to avoid voting in person and you don’t have to worry about mail delays. These regulations vary greatly state to state so research your options to make the best decision. (Not sure where to start? Google your county supervisor of elections or board of elections.)

I plan to vote early at my county’s election office. I decided to vote this way to avoid the USPS and mail delays. In addition, early voting is usually much less crowded than Election Day, which helps calm my COVID concerns. Vote.org has a list of early voting options by state so you can determine if this is a good option. It also includes the contact information for election offices. Don’t hesitate to call. It is literally their job to facilitate your vote.

Of course, in most states, you still have the traditional option to vote in person on Election Day. Prepare for delays, wear a mask, bring your ID and thank the poll workers.

5. Choose USPS Shipping Option

When you shop online, select USPS shipping whenever possible. Small businesses like Operation Amplify rely on the USPS for reasonably priced options. Shop small + USPS delivery = win-win.

6. Share on Social Media

I know, I know. This can feel like screaming into the void, but please tell your story about why the USPS is important to you.

Are you planning to vote by mail but concerned about election deadlines? Are you a military spouse who lives overseas and depends the USPS for, like, everything? Are you a small business owner who relies on the USPS for affordable shipping? Do you get medicine via the mail?

Your concerns are valid and you are not alone. By taking action and speaking out, you can inspire others to do the same.

Despite the temptation to feel overwhelmed and give up, we cannot be silent. We must speak up, act out and vote to support the USPS today and for the future.

6 Quick Actions to Support the USPS

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